iPhoto library folders recovery

Are you getting error message while trying to access the iPhoto library folder?

Are you trying to restore the deleted iPhoto library folder?

Are you looking for iPhoto library folder recovery software?

iPhoto application use the iPhoto library as a central store house where all the essential information about the library is stored. In iPhoto library there are various sub folders are created whose name are Library.data, Library.iPhoto, Library.iPhoto6, Dir.data, iPhoto.db etc. These files contain metadata of images and albums. These folder details are generally hidden from the user while you are working with iPhoto application. To manage the images you have to use the iPhoto interface.

If the photos are deleted from iPhoto library then you will not be able to access the photo. Some of the more common reasons that results in loss of photo from iPhoto library are: -

  • Due to corruption in catalog file.
  • Due to some initialization problem related to disk.
  • Due to corruption in hardware and software.
  • Due to accidentally deleted the important files from iPhoto library.


To resolve this error you can use the inbuilt function of iPhoto library called rebuilt function. But this function has certain limitations and it is very time consuming process. So it is not a best way to recover your lost folder from iPhoto library. To really solve this problem you can use third party iPhoto library folder recovery software to recover back your deleted folder from iPhoto library.  Some of the most common features of this third party iPhoto library folder recovery software are: -

  • It will check the free space during creating images.
  • It will support Intel base PC and power PC.
  • It will help you to save the scan information of lost folder.
  • It will provide Macintosh based search option for searching any file and folders.