iPhoto Exclamation Error

Are you getting exclamation error while trying to access the photo?

Are you experiencing difficulties in accessing photo from iPhoto library?

Is it possible to recover the lost images from iphoto exclamation snow leopard software?

iPhoto is actually designed for MAC Operating System. With the help of iPhoto you can change the profile picture of facebook. You can use the flicker button to post your image to photostream. iPhoto supports almost all image formats. With the help of iPhoto you can import photos. After importing the images can sort and organize those pictures into various groups. It allows you to edit the particular picture by using its image manipulation tool.

Sometimes when your library file gets deleted then any attempts made by you to access the files results in exclamation error. The most possible reasons that will results in exclamation error when you try to edit a photo are: -

  • It may be possible that your saved images gets corrupted
  • Due to change in file name of image
  • Due to corruption in library structure
  • Accidental deletion of photo
  • Corruption in iPhoto database


Above mentioned error will really frustrate you and it is really unavoidable for you. In fact there is inbuilt tool provided called iPhoto extractor but its lengthy and restricted feature will not give you full solution. So you do not have to worry because you can use the third party iphoto recovery software to fix the iPhoto exclamation error. Third party iphoto recovery software first of all examines the affected media and then it will get back your missed images, video files and audio files in a safe place. This recovery tool supports almost all storage media like memory stick, SD card, ipods, IBM micro drives etc. This utility tool supports various versions of iPhoto like iPhoto 2, iPhoto 3, iPhoto 5, iphoto 6, iPhoto 7, iPhoto 8 and iPhoto 9.