Recover deleted iphoto

Is it possible to recover deleted iPhoto library?

Are you looking to recover your missing iPhoto data?

Is it possible to recover images through iPhoto recovery software?

The introduction of iPhoto in MAC operating system gives a chance to its user to manage all the essential photos. It provide photo managing feature that will help you to get all important photo whenever needed. Its zero configuration technology will help you to share static as well as slideshow to other MAC users on a local area network. Its audio video feature helps you to play back the photo along with the music.

iPhoto stores all images in the iPhoto library. You can say that iPhoto library is like a data repository of all images where images are saved according to their size, date etc. It may happen that some images get deleted from this library or library itself gets deleted or corrupted. Some of the common reasons of corruption of iPhoto library are: -

  • Due to creation of bad sector.
  • Due to corruption in Operating System.
  • Due to disk initialization problem
  • Due to accidental deletion of file.


There is no any manual method to recover the corrupted iPhoto library. If you had taken backup then its ok. Otherwise you have to face data loss type situation. In order to get rid of this frustrating situation you can use the third party iPhoto recovery software to recover deleted iPhoto. Actually what happen whenever data gets deleted from iPhoto application or iPhoto library gets deleted, it is still present in the storage device, only its address gets deleted. So the recovery software easily fetches all the information from the storage device and makes it accessible again. This software is very easy to operate because of its user friendly interface. This software extracts all images within a second.

Some of the most common features of this recovery software are: -

  • It performs hard disk imaging.
  • It saves scan information of lost volume.
  • It supports Unicode format and help you to recover file with creation date, time, sector number etc.
  • It will check free space during creating images or during saving scanning information.