Repair and Recover iPhoto Library

Are you looking to repair crashed images?

Are you facing difficulties in accessing the image from iPhoto?

Are you looking to repair iPhoto Library?

iPhoto is a powerful application that helps you to manage the images and photos. It provides several advance features like you can import important images from any sources, organize your important pictures into library, edit the photos with built in tools, change the look and feel of the photo, publish photo on the internet and share photo as a slideshow. iPhoto store all the essential information about the photo in the special folder called iPhoto library folder.

No doubt Apple Company builds always high quality application but certain common mistakes will lead into corruption of iPhoto library. There may be some reasons that can corrupt the iPhoto library folder. Some of the most common reasons of corruption of iPhoto library: -

  • Due to corruption in MAC operating System.
  • Due to failure of hardware
  • Certain software related problem.
  • Not properly turning off MAC operating System.
  • Due to attack by viruses.
  • Accidentally deleting files from iPhoto library. 
  • Some other problems.


If you had taken backup of corrupted/deleted iPhoto library then it will be easy for you to recover it. But if had not taken then you do not have to worry. You can use the third party iPhoto recovery software to recover iPhoto library. This recovery software is capable because of the fact that whenever any file gets deleted from any specific folder, data remain as it is until you overwrite that place. Whenever you attempt to access that particular file you will receive an error message because the address of that file gets deleted from it. So it is very easy for third party recovery software to get back all lost file from hard drive. This recovery software will perform rigorous scanning to retrieve all missed data from storage media and save it in a safe and sound place. Its user friendly interface will help you during the entire process of recovery.