Restore iPhoto Library

Are you experiencing error message when accessing the file in iPhoto?

Are your iPhoto library gets corrupted?

Is it possible to restore iPhoto library?

Photos are the medium through which you can keep the fragrance of bond with your family even if you are miles and miles away from the family. Traditionally people use camera to capture all the memorable moments but introduction of digital camera drastically changed the lifestyle. These digital cameras use the memory card to record all the moments. So it becomes very easy to manage the photo in the PC.

By keeping all these aspect in mind Apple launched special application in the MAC operating System called iPhoto which is a part of iLife suite. The intension behind launching this application is that their users do not get deprived of photo managing activity. Keeping it in mind Apple provide all improved but in fact some more advanced feature in this application like sharing, editing, printing digital images etc. in the MAC operating System. This application stores all the key features of photo in a special folder called iPhoto library. But some minor mistakes will lead into a great trouble. Some of the common reasons of corruption of iPhoto library are: -

  • Due to corruption in hard drive.
  • Due to some problem in software.
  • Due to viruses and other vulnerable applications.
  • Due to corruption in MAC operating System.
  • Improper shutdown of the System.


Whenever file is deleted from the iPhoto library it is not actually deleted but in fact it makes some space for new data. If you still continue to work even in this case then you definitely loose your saved data. But if you leave the application as it is until the use of third party iphoto recovery software to restore iphoto library. This recovery software generally uses two type of recovery process: -

  • If the file is deleted from external drive, then this software will look for file specific signature, and different characteristics of the file.
  • If the file is deleted from startup disk, then software will use the journalled search technique to search the deleted file.